About us

We are a humble team of motivated software developers and HR Specialists, started at 2008, and online serving the world. 

We are honored to have localized representation in some GCC countries that provides a high quality and customer-oriented services to our reputed client base.

Muhammad Tarek Madwar Owner And Software Architect 

what we do

Customized Software 

We are pleased to provide the study and project development and implementation for any client specific needs, having a long software development experience and well-organized team we will be more than happy to send you detailed offers as per your specific needs. 

Web Hosting

We do have a very sophisticated and high-end servers located in Europe and operating in an international standard data center, and we will be happy to provide any offer for Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, or even Dedicated Servers that operates on (Windows and Linux) OS. 

Mobile Applications

Using the latest technology innovations produced by Microsoft Xamarin, we will be pleased to build any Mobile applications working on Android or iPhone. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a any business offer. 

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