Product Modules

EASYHRSOFT Software is a (Web and Mobile Native) application that is combined from various modules, these modules integrate together and join their features in a very simple way to smooth the work process for HR team and company/group employees at the same time. These modules include but not limited to the following list:
HR Managament
  • Employee personaldetails
  • Employee Dependents
  • Employee Next of kin
  • Employee experience history
  • Employee insurance details (health, life, car ...)
  • Employee education history
  • Employee license
  • ID Cards and passports
  • Visas for employee and dependents
  • Employee Structure history
  • Employee Reporting history
  • Employee Grade history
Payroll Management
  • Define company payroll elements
  • Employee (Loan, Gratuity, Leave encashment ...)
  • Freeze Month Payroll
  • Detailed Repots (Payslip, Payroll Progress, Payroll Master Company/Group Level, Reconciliation‚Ķ)
  • Payroll Dynamic Reports tool to build your own custom reports
  • Unified Report Currency Per Company (Single month and YTD Reports)
  • GL Interface Reports Company/Group Level
  • Bank transfer reports
  • Payroll Graphical Charts
  • WPS and Bank Transfer File Generation
  • Upload monthly persoll changes using a single excel file for al employees at ones
Leave Managament
  • Define leave types on group level
  • Setup each leave rules per company
  • Leave calendar to use per leave setup
  • Entitlement style (yearly, monthly, and daily)
  • Entitlement ahead of time or after cycle finish
  • Entitlement during unpaid days or not
  • Request leave from self-service
  • Manager approves leave from self-service
  • Leave manager logs final leave approval
  • Leave balance progress report from self-service or HR admin
  • Company leaves balances report at any date
  • You can know your leave balance at any date ahead of time
  • End of service automatic leave encashment
Performan Management
  • Define KPIs (General and Job specific)
  • Schedule Employee Self Evaluations
  • Schedule Manager Evaluations
  • Employee Self Evaulations Entry
  • Managers Evaluations Entry with Training suggestions
  • Reports for employee self evaluation and line manager evaluation
  • Reports for gap between employee self evaluation and line manager evaluation
  • Company level evaluation report
  • Compare evaluations for same employee across multi evaluations
  • Compare evaluations with graphical charts
  • Group level evaluation reports
Asset Managament
  • Define asset types per company
  • Declare available assets
  • Assign assets to employee
  • Return asset from employee
  • Employee can request assets from self-service
  • Line manager can approve / reject employee requests
  • Asset manager can approve / reject asset requests
  • Asset keeper has a screen to assign approved assets to employee
  • Employees can log each asset notes
  • HR can log each asset notes
  • Employees can log asset expenses based on asset type setup, HR can log at any time
  • Report of expired assets, this expiry means that this asset should be taken back from employee and does not necessary means real expiry of an asset
  • Asset expenses report that allows you to compare which asset is costing you more maintenance for example
Employee Self Service ESS
  • Check leave requests status
  • Approves / reject sub-ordinates leave requests
  • Leave balances reports
  • Leave requests reports
  • Payroll requests (Invoice payment, Subordinate salary increment ...)
  • Employee attendance reports
  • Employee attendance requests (Late Justification, Overtime requests...)
  • Plan subordinate attendance as per client policies
  • Managers can request vacancies and search applied CVs
  • Assets Requests and managers approvals for it.
  • Project time Module integration (Log timesheets, get reports...)
  • Sales target module integration (Log sales, get manager approvals, Commissions...)
  • Communicate with HR for any requirements and get response
  • Basically, this module integrates with any module client has purchased to ease communication between employees, managers and HR.
Attendance Managament
  • Define company shifts (Morning, Evening...)
  • Declare Shift Templates Example: .. 

    (2 days Morning,3 days Evening ,2 days weekend)

  • Assign employees to shift templates
  • Scheduled employee attendance plan report
  • Detail reports for employee attendance clicks
  • Employee attendance caluclation reports
  • Employee shift switching (Same employee or two employees switching)
  • Late and absence justification
  • Export attendnace calculation to payroll
  • Attendance summary reports
  • Overtime, Late and early left reports
Overtime Balancing Module
  • Employee or manager can request overtime
  • Overtime request approval
  • Employee can request to avail overtime balance
    to recover late, absense or even early left
  • Managers/HR avail requests approval
  • Overtime availing approvals
  • Auto calculation for Lieu days balance
  • Request a leave based on overtime balance
  • Overtime balance and availing progress reports
Other modules and features

The product has a lot of modules and features and it contains more than 1,400 screens and reports, this why explaining each and every detail is extremely hard to put for reading and listing. We strongly suggest you to request an online demonstration meeting to see our features and get more explanation with specific answers for any of your needs and queries.

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